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Korg A2 Complete Files [A2]

Here you can find all the Sysex files for the Korg A2. All have been verified and work fine using Bome SendSyx soft. These include all the A2/A3 original cards, plus some A3 files converted to A2 format. Also some users patches are there, (thanks Noi5e Maker!, Sterling, Aaron! all..) and some other like Natural Chain file where you can explore all the sounds of the A2 built-in 96 chains.

Leba Ostitu (who can be found on the mailing list.)
A3 Patchbook with Extras [A3]

This file contains a sysex file for the A3, that includes all of the patches from the Patchbook, plus all the patches that were on the Patch Archive back in 2002 (when I created the sysex file). So feel free to download it and load it into your A3, it's about 60 patches in all. The remaining 40 patch locations are potluck, whatever I had on my A3 at the time.

Sterling Munro
Noi5e Maker Live Card [A2]

All the sounds Noi5e uses onstage. Each bank is a different amp type with settings for (A)clean (B)OD (C)lead (D)lead 2 (E)weird (pedal on the FC6)

Nick, aka Noi5e Maker
Music Store Demo Unit [A3]

My A3 was a music store demo unit, and these are the patches that were on it when I bought it (more or less). Some of these I haven't seen on any of the cards so far, so they are either from obscure cards or are somebody's original creations. There are some pretty cool ones and some duds IMHO!

Sterling Munro