In the beginning

was a long time ago . . .

Back in the late 1990’s there was a guy named Aaron who bought a used effects processor called the Korg A3. He knew that some of his guitar heros had used it, and that it was a really powerful machine. But unfortunately he was kinda on his own for how to program it, with limited documentation available online or in paper. He started this site as a place to collect and share information and stories around the A3, later expanded to include the A1 and A2.

Aaron is still around and kickin’, but doesn't use the A3 as much anymore. He can be found on Facebook occasionally popping into the Korg A Series Processors private group.


The site was initially hosted on a dialup line using a free dynamic DNS service called ml.org (now a completely different site). You can view early renderings on the Wayback Machine. In April of 1999, we registered the domain korgaseries.org and ran the site at that address until some time in 2018 when we forgot to pay the domain renewal and it was sniped by a domain squatter. (Currently it redirects to a very scammy fake antivirus page, so don't go there!)

In 2020 we acquired this new domain (korgaseries.info) and hope to keep the page here for the long haul!


Thanks to all the folks that have helped along the way! Many, many people have sent us software, graphics, PDFs, and detailed instructions over the years which are all catalogued here.

Early on, we connected to some people through another site called Synth Zone.