Sunday, October 17, 2004


I hate to spoil the surprise, but I found out about the fundraiser that Nick (aka Noi5eMaker) is trying to do to get me a new laptop. I'm honored and thrilled, and I want to thank the people that have already contributed. For those that don't know the situation, I've gone through two major back surgeries in the last year or so and it doesn't look like I'm done with them yet (the next is the dreaded spinal fusion surgery). My laptop was my lifesaver, and the main tool that enabled me to keep working on the website (and the wiki) while I'm not able to sit at my desk for any long period of time. Unfortunately that laptop died a month or so ago and it's significantly slowed down my progress on the site and the wiki. Before anyone asks, the laptop is definitely dead - the motherboard failed, and a replacement is almost as expensive as buying the same model used on EBay. Doh!

Since I found out about Nick's fundraiser, I wanted to try and give it a boost by mentioning it here - as the website gets about ten times the visitors than the mailing list. Nick tells me that ideally he'd like to get me a low-end Apple iBook - which would be wonderful - but at this point anything would be better than nothing. :-)

If you're interested in contributing, get in touch with Nick at and he'll give you more details. With the huge number of hits this site gets, and our ever growing mailing list, even as little as a few dollars would get the job done quite easily!

This has been a public service announcement of the "Save Aaron's Sanity Foundation". :-) Thanks guys!


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